boxbuilt is:

  • actively developing a low-cost ISO container housing and community system
  • an open community building design project
  • utilizing 20' or 40' shipping containers with slight modification to become a weather-tight, earthquake/hurricane proof building unit.

More plans here: here

Advantages of using ISO containers as a building unit:

  • Readily availible in most parts of the world, including developing countries.
  • Easily transported by land, sea, air... a massive transportation infrastruture is already set-up to move containers
  • Shop or field modification as necessary
  • Simple installation at location, minumum required: roll-off truck and small lifting machine or dollys
  • Many foundation options
  • Long life-span with simple maintainence

Many configuration options:

  • self-contained units
  • grouped units
  • bunk houses
  • common food/wash/meeting units
  • infrastructure units
  • large community centers